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Our main products include laundry detergent, laundry liquid, oven cleaner aluminum and cleaning agents.

The laundry detergent we produce is non-toxic oven cleaner aluminum. From the formulation, we use environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials.

Our products are sold to Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia, and have received positive feedback from buyers in these markets. We offer OEM services and welcome you to contact us.

Can oven cleaner aluminum burn your skin

oven cleaner aluminum can burn your skin.

Oven cleaning solutions often contain chemicals harmful to the human body. In fact, most oven cleaner aluminum contain butoxydiglycol or sodium hydroxide, which can break down the fats and dirt stuck inside the oven. However, if not handled properly, they also pose a risk of injury.

Therefore, many people often advise wearing gloves when using oven cleaners to clean ovens. Yet, even with such precautions, it's still not entirely possible to avoid the risk of the cleaning agent causing burns, making the process very inconvenient.

O Clean oven cleaner aluminum is a non-toxic and safe cleaning solution. Its ingredients are harmless to the human body, easy to rinse off, leave no residues, and lack an irritating smell.

O Clean oven cleaner aluminum uses active oxygen particles to clean stains and grease and is a product of the latest technology. Moreover, O Clean cleaner fully complies with European Union standards, ensuring safe use.

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