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Company Profile

Hunan Jieyu Daily Chemical New Technology Co., Ltd., located on the beautiful banks of the Xiangjiang River in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, was established in February 2010 and is chaired by Mr. Zhong Cunren.

Hunan Jieyu Daily Chemical New Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research, production, and sale of safe and non-toxic cleaning products.

The ultra-concentrated ecological detergent series developed by Jieyu Daily Chemical has reached an internationally advanced level. They mainly use plant-based non-ionic surfactants as the primary active ingredient, combined with advanced active oxygen technology and enzyme technology, to enhance and concentrate the detergent. This can reduce the discharge of COD at the source and prevent harmful chemicals from entering the water, achieving standards that are safe and harmless to both the environment and the human body.

Our product is a multifunctional cleaning agent that can be used for kitchen cleaning, clothes cleaning, bathroom cleaning, floor cleaning, glass cleaning, and cleaning scenarios like coffee pots and ovens. With just one cleaner, it can meet various household cleaning needs. This not only reduces costs but also makes cleaning easier and more relaxed.


Founder Introduction 

Mr. Zhong Cunren has made outstanding contributions and is honored as the "Father of Chinese Insurance Powder". He solved the problem of domestic production of Chinese insurance powder. Mr. Zhong was one of the founders of Guangdong Zhongcheng Chemical Co., Ltd., and was responsible for designing and building the world's largest insurance powder production device and Asia's largest hydrogen peroxide production device. Due to his recognition of the potential risks posed by existing daily chemical products to humans and the environment, he planned and initiated the development of ecological detergents.


R&D Center 

Under Mr. Zhong Cunren's leadership, adhering to a philosophy of technological innovation, the company established a Daily Chemical Research Institute at its inception, becoming one of China's professional institutions engaged in the production and application research of active oxygen. Due to the emphasis on R&D, the company invested 120 million yuan for product development, equipment updates, warehouse expansion, and more.

Currently, the research center boasts advanced testing facilities and a top-tier R&D team in the daily chemical field. Experimental facilities include new product development and application laboratories, pilot product laboratories, raw material and product performance testing rooms, laundry labs, and high-grade disinfection labs.
The core members of the R&D team consist of experts who receive special allowances from the State Council, as well as several professors and senior engineers in the field of chemical engineering.


Technological Innovations and Patents

The company has obtained three invention patents:
.Powdered sodium percarbonate and its preparation method (Patent Number: 200510100941.3)
.A dry method for preparing peroxycarbonate soda (Patent Number: 200610033317.0)
.Preparation method of oxygen-containing detergent and the oxygen-containing detergent obtained by this method (Patent Number: 201210091263.9)



Quality System 

Hunan Jieyu Daily Chemical New Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, and ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certifications!



Our beautiful blue planet is a spaceship without a sewer system. We aim to contribute to providing a good living environment for our descendants and the world's shared home.



Leveraging the power of technology, we are committed to providing the community with inherently safe, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective high-performance products, allowing more people to enjoy a clean and healthy life with ease!



Rooted in technological innovation, we strive to create a more beautiful life.